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As owners of Wolgast Development, we began developing commercial buildings while operating our successful family construction business in the 1970s when we began specializing in the Design / Build project delivery method.
Our first projects included developing highway service buildings like Aamco Transmission and Tuffy Muffler Shop.  We progressed to medical office buildings and then general office buildings in the 1980s and ’90s, including multi-tenant first-class office space and single-use Federal and State office buildings.
Today we continue to develop buildings and professionally manage them in whatever sector of the market there is a demand.  We also manage buildings for other property owners.  (click to link to the services we offer as property managers)
Who can more cost-effectively develop buildings than the contractor who designs and builds them?
You name a business sector and we have developed, owned, and managed it.  
We can help you develop your next project in the following ways:
  • Site Selection
  • A/E Selection
  • Cost and Cash Flow Analysis
  • Operational Cost Projections
  • Life Cycle Cost Projections
  • Own or Lease Analysis
We can review and recommend project delivery methods to make sure you have the right fit.  
We will assist with financing recommendations and can even manage your property for you so that you can focus on running your business.
We pride ourselves on the dedication we offer to each client.
We will ensure that you receive the excellent service that you deserve because our staff is trained to treat your project like their own.
Experience is the foundation of our Development Excellence:
  • Experience in designing and building buildings
  • Experience at managing the buildings we build
Let us work with you to design-build and or manage your project whether you own it, or we own it and lease it back (to you).
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