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Here is a list of services that we regularly provide and can manage or coordinate for you:
  • Provide necessary supervision of staff for the proper operation/maintenance of the property (i.e. Property Manager, maintenance staff, seasonal ground staff where applicable, etc.)
  • Implement procedures and manage tenant requests for repairs and services.
  • Issue requests for contract work.
  • Review and approve vendor invoices and provide them to the owner.
  • Conduct periodic site inspections.
  • Investigate, troubleshoot, analyze either reported or noted maintenance related issues throughout the property and complete all necessary follow up to ensure timely and adequate repairs are completed.
  • Establish schedules of preventive maintenance and follow up to ensure schedules are being adhered to. Follow up on corrective measures needed as the result of any such PM program.
  • Evaluate, hire, and supervise qualified contractors affiliated with property and ground maintenance.
  • Obtain competitive price quotes when necessary/appropriate for all services required.
  • Establish and maintain off-site tenant files and property correspondence files.
  • Maintain appropriate communication with on-site Tenant management personnel.
  • Compile and invoice for all reimbursable monthly. (janitorial supplies, misc. supplies)
  • Complete monthly invoicing, which is based upon completed work orders, price quotes, etc.
  • Maintain exterior and interior property signage.
  • HVAC monitoring and preventative maintenance agreement documentation and supervision.
  • Establish and maintain Emergency Phone Lists for after-hours purposes for use by on-site staff.
  • Maintain and supervise building janitorial standards.
  • Respond to emergency after-hours calls. After-hours emergency rate applies
  • Maintain maintenance logs and files specific to the property.
  • Purchase and stock all necessary supplies and equipment as required for the property(reimbursable).
  • Purchase all the necessary supplies and equipment as may be required for the property (reimbursable).
  • Establish and maintain property key boxes and log sheets.
  • Establish and maintain log sheets /computer entries for all proximity cards.
  • Maintain property mailboxes and tenant mailbox assignments.
  • Inspect, maintain, repair, and replace the surface of the parking areas, curbs, and sidewalks, keeping them level, smooth, and evenly covered with a comparable surface material installed thereon.
  • Maintain, replace, and repair parking area entrances, exits, and directional signs, markers, and lights to keep the same in good, clean, and legible condition, as well as repair and replace striping as required.
  • Clean parking area lighting fixtures and re-lamp, repair, and replace fixtures, ballasts, and standards as needed.
  • Maintain, repair, and replace landscaping in common areas as necessary to keep the same in a first-class and thriving condition.
  • Furnish pest abatement controls, as necessary.
  • All glass, including skylights, plate glass, and or glass-enclosed devices shall be cleaned at intervals sufficient to maintain the same in a clean condition.
  • All trash refuse and waste materials shall be regularly removed from the premises and, until removal, be stored inadequate containers and so as not to constitute any health or fire hazard or nuisance. No burning of trash, refuse, or waste materials shall occur.
  • Implement and oversee a recycling program if desired (where available).
  • Manage/operate the building security system
  • Provide quotes for Tenant Improvements and coordinate such construction projects
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